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Working Together

Our Process

Consultation + Discovery
We like to listen first. It's where the learning happens and the initial sparks of strategy and creativity begin to form. We'll get you a proposal to review once we understand how we can help.
Research + Market Evaluation
Once we're hired and have a handle on what you need, we take the next step to understand all the elements that could impact our strategy.
Strategy Development
Building the strategic blueprint of how we achieve your results is honestly our favorite part. We'll build the plan and get your buy-in before we get started.
Creative Conceptualization
Whether we use our catchy words, pretty pictures or our full imagination, every marketing campaign needs a strong creative base. This is where things start to come to life.
Media Plan Development
Where and how we do what we say we're going to do all comes down to this. We're platform agnostic and don't believe in templates.
Marketing Campaign Activation
This is where the rubber meets the road. All the hard work up until this point comes to life right here.
Campaign Optimization
As the campaign runs, we'll be taking a look at real-time data and tweaking things as we go to maximize performance.
Post-Campaign Analysis
We'll build a wrap-up report that looks at the performance of all layers of the media campaign, any learnings and final numbers across the board.
Fundamentals to Sucess

Marketing = Math + Art + Science

In some ways, marketing can go a long way with a little gut instinct – but only when it’s married with the basic principles of math, art and science.  Without a deep understanding of the market, the opportunity, the options and a rockstar creative concept, especially in today’s over-saturated marketplace, gut ideas alone won’t get you very far.

The Mx2 army works alongside a set of disciplines and beliefs that dictate success based on the sum of all parts:

  • Geography, target audience and campaign length will set the tone for how much budget is required to make an impact – simple math, or maybe not so simple.
  • Without a good creative asset or message, even the best media campaign in the world will fail – enter the art of the campaign.
  • To ensure we’re executing a well-built strategy and building technically-sound ad campaigns so that the message reaches the intended end-user comes down to the science behind every marketing platform and channel.

Intersectional Innovation

Having the formula and discipline to execute a smart marketing campaign is a huge part of ensuring success.  But the most successful campaigns come as a result of innovative thinking.  The Mx2 team practices innovation through intersectional marketing.  We’re believers in the general principles defined by “The Medici Effect”, which says that breakthrough ideas come as a result of bringing together unrelated concepts and people to create disruptive innovation.

Mx2 Marketing Services

Our Recipe For Success

Tenured brainpower, elevated.
Clear, concise messaging. Provocative visuals.
If you build it, they will come.
Measure. Optimize. Repeat.
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